Missionswerk Friedensstimme からの返信物から 2

Missionswerk Friedensstimme からの返信物から 2

Missionswerk Friedensstimme からの返信物から 2
How many Hours...
are required to read through the Bible?
The Bible contains about three million letters, 31,000
verses and 1,189 chapters.
About 38 hours are needed to read through the
Old Testament, and eleven hours for the New
Testament. This gives a total of 49 hours for the
complete Bible.
At ordinary talking speed, it takes 70 hours and 40
minutes to read the Bible aloud.
By reading four chapters per day, you may finish
reading in one year (365 days).

Missionswerk Friedensstimme からの返信物から 2
The Bible
the most interesting Book in the world.
Mother, don't stop, go on reading!
The story is fascinating, please finish it! Yes, indeed,
child, the story is fascinating: Joseph, hated by his
brethren, is cast into a pit, but later lifted up and sold
as a slave to Egypt. There, though innocent, he is cast
into prison, and in the end, he becomes ruler over
Egypt next to Pharaoh. ln this position, during a famine,
he saves his family and the whole country.

The Bible is full of such wonderful stories.

Just think of Daniel's three friends who would not
bow to the image of the king and consequently were
cast into the burning fiery furnace from which,
however, they came out unharmed.

The Bible is the most fascinating Book,
also for young men and women.

Missionswerk Friedensstimme からの返信物から 2
A Letter to a Gangster

She landed up in the underworld of Chicago. First,
everything looked so interesting but later on it
became a misery.
She amused herself with her boy friends and girl
friends but deep in her heart there was the longing
of a lost daughter.
During all those years her mother was waiting for
her child. She wanted to go to her daughter, she
wanted to look her up, but where? But love finds a
way. She was going to write a letter. But where to?
For years, even detectives were unable to locate her.
She had many pictures made of her grief-stricken face,
pasted them on sheets of paper and wrote below:

Come home!

Mother is waiting for you!

She takes those pictures into the saloons of the
Chicago underworld and gets permission to post
them there.

Missionswerk Friedensstimme からの返信物から 2
Come home!
Mother is waiting for you!

Will this be of any use? ls her daughter going to
read it? Will there be any answer?
It is dork outside. The bond in a bar plays smash hits.
A young woman with on empty soul and a ruined life
moves through this sinful place. Suddenly she stops
as though struck by o thunderbolt.

Missionswerk Friedensstimme からの返信物から 2
There on that wall — the picture of an old woman . . .
Come home!
Mother is waiting for you!
There is a heart-rending cry: Mother!
A few hours later she is safely at home.
Seven words, that is not much!
But in those seven words there is also the gist ot this
letter which God sends you.
Come home!
One who loves you is waiting for you!

The largest Bible in the World

A carpenter in Los Angeles worked daily until late at
night for two years in order to make a Bible
completely of wood.
Each page is a thin sheet of wood, a little more than
3 ft. high, in which the letters are carved. This book
contains 8,048 pages, has a weight of 1,206 lbs. and
a thickness of 8.2 ft.

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Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion; shout, O daughter of Jerusalem!
Behold, thy King cometh unto thee; He is the righteous Saviour, and He shall speak peace unto the heathen.