Radio Praha, About Radio Prague

Radio Praha, About Radio Prague
Radio Praha
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Radio Praha, About Radio Prague
Radio Praha, About Radio Prague
About Radio Prague

Radio Prague's history goes back a long way. The station was established in 1936 as the shortwave international service of Czecho-slovak Radio. At the time a propaganda war was raging on the airwaves between Germany, the Soviet Union and Great Britain. Czecho-slovakia entered the media arena in order to clarify its position on fascism in Europe and keep listeners and expats informed about developments in the country.

Regular broadcasts on shortwave were launched on August 31, 1936 from Poděbrady, east of Prague. The Poděbrady transmitter served until the 1950s when it was replaced by a transmitter in Litomyšl, eastern Bohemia. The original program featured concerts, lectures and news in German, English, French, Russian, Czech and Slovak. In the course of WWII broadcasts were restricted to Czech only.

After the war, Radio Prague experienced a boom. The station introduced broadcasts in Esperanto and offered broadcasts in all Slavic languages, including Sorbian. After the communist take-over in 1948 the station became an instrument of communist propaganda. Its activity peaked in the 1960s and 1970s when it produced over 30 hours of programming a day and received over 100,000 listeners' letters a year.

The fall of communism in 1989 brought about a radical transformation. Radio Prague returned to its former mission: providing listeners abroad with objective information about developments in the country. A change in financing ensued and since then Radio Prague has been financed from public funds. There was a significant reduction in staff and the number of languages covered. Today Radio Prague broadcasts in English, German, French, Spanish, Russian and Czech.

In the years that followed Radio Prague experienced a number of budget cuts. In consequence the station terminated its shortwave broadcasts from Litomyšl in January, 2011. The Internet became its main platform. Radio Prague's website www.radio.cz was established in 1994. Radio Prague's programme is rebroadcast by various radio stations around the world. In the Czech Republic news bulletins in English can be heard on FM on Czech Radio Plus. Radio Prague issues QSL cards for reception over the internet or via a rebroadcaster.

Programs are available in text and audio at www.radio.cz. and we offer RSS and podcasting channels. Listeners can subscribe to receive free daily news by email. Our expats webpage at www.krajane.net offers news and information about Czechs living abroad.

Radio Prague's English and Spanish broadcasts are relayed in America on shortwave on 9955 kHz and 5850 kHz via Radio Miami International, see www.wrmi.net. Radio Prague's Russian broadcasts can be picked up on WRN radio in Moscow on 738 kHz AM. You can find more on Radio Prague's rebroadcasters at www.radio.cz.

Radio Prague's broadcasts in all languages are transmitted in Europe on CzechLink via Astra 3A satellite, 23.5 degrees eastward. Broadcasts in English and Russian can be picked up on WRN satellite channels, see www.wrn.org.

QSL cards
Radio Prague continues to issue QSL cards for reception over the Internet and via rebroadcasters. You can send us a report by mail or e-mail it to cr@radio.cz.

Radio Praha, About Radio Prague
Radio Praha, About Radio Prague

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