6 English Service DEUTSCHE WELLE 2005 DW-TV

English Service DEUTSCHE WELLE 2005 DW-TV
DW-TV : Focus on News and Information

TV Director Christoph Lanz (left) in charge of DW-TV, from the heart of Europe

English Service DEUTSCHE WELLE 2005 DW-TV

DW-TV around the world: Chancellor Schroeder, information Minister Faisal Mohamad AI Hajji Bokhadour and Erik Bettermann launch the Arabic TV Service in Kuwait

English Service DEUTSCHE WELLE 2005 DW-TV

Focus on Europe: the euromaxx team - popXport presenter Markus Schultz

English Service DEUTSCHE WELLE 2005 DW-TV
English Service DEUTSCHE WELLE 2005 DW-TV
English Service DEUTSCHE WELLE 2005 DW-TV

“From Berlin, here is DW-TV with Journal and your host, Birgit Keller." It's eight in the morning in the German capital and time for the news from Germany‘s international broadcasting service.

The next ten minutes are filled with current affairs from around the world, but with a special emphasis on Germany and Europe. This is followed by the business news with the latest from financial markets and the corporate world. Afterwards, Tagesthema goes into the background of that day’s top story. Deutsche Welle's television activities are concentrated in the Volta Strasse in Berlin. DW-TV is on the air 24 hours a day, worldwide, via satellite.
German and English language broadcasts rotate every hour and for Latin and North America there are also two hours in Spanish. In addition, Germany‘s international service provides three hours of programming every day in Arabic. DW-TV is the first European television network to present news in Arabic with Arab hosts. There are also programme windows in Dari and Pashto — the two major languages of Afghanistan

>> For News Multipliers and Opinion Leaders
DW—TV puts special emphasis on news, information and culture. The most important target group is news multipliers abroad, who have an interest in Germany and Europe. Journal, the 30-minute news programme, is DW’s flagship. The show runs every hour, switching between German and English, twice a day in Spanish. The magazines, such as Made in Germany (the business magazine), European Journal from Brussels or Tomorrow Today (the science magazine) sharpen the contours of DW—TV. Documentaries and reports for the programme In Focus cover a broad spectrum of issues and interesting topics. DW—TV is available to more than 210 million households worldwide. Hundreds ofpartner stations take programmes in full or in segments for rebroadcasting. DW—TV is also fed into cable network systems and is an integral part of room service at larger hotels on every continent. Every day, some ten million people around the globe choose to Watch Germany’s international broadcasting service.

>> DW: A Focus on Regions
In order to reach news multipliers in its target areas, Deutsche Welle has placed increasing emphasis on regionalizing its programming With so—called programme windows. For example, with the Nilesat satellite system, DW—TV reaches more than 20 countries with three hours of daily programming in Arabic — from Morocco to Saudi Arabia, and including large parts of Mali, Niger, Chad and Sudan.
These three hours are filled with two daily news programmes.
Every day there are two 26-minute blocks of the latest news from politics, business, culture, society and sports, presented by Arab hosts. With this programming, DW—TV is responding to the growing demand in the region for information from Germany and Europe in Arabic. More than 10 million households can receive the DW signal in North Africa. DW—TV intends to strengthen its position as a European alternative and contribute to the dialogue with the Islamic world.

A further service is Afghan television. News from around the
world is gathered by Afghan colleagues in Berlin, recorded in
Dari and Pashto, transmitted to Kabul and broadcast there during
prime time.
New in the DW-TV line—up since early 2005: German first division soccer in “Bundesliga Kick Off”. Every Thursday, Germany's international broadcasting service presents the news of the week, plus the latest background on professional soccer. The half-hour programme is broadcast via satellite in German and English. The new show is an important addition to existing reporting for Bundesliga fans around the world. With euromaxx, DW-TV presents a 26-minute block on culture and lifestyle in Europe. The programme is brash, energetic and underscores our profile as a programme from the heart of Europe. KINO — the German film magazine airs once a month and brings viewers the latest news about cinema produced in Germany. Culture.21 takes a look at the highlights between Aachen and Frankfurt/Oder and elsewhere in Europe. Destination Germany takes a peek at interesting travel options in Germany with special offers in every price category. DW—TV also presents popXport, the show that reviews German pop music worldwide. In 26-minute segments, every two weeks, the magazine introduces popular bands and solo artists in Germany.
For more information about DW-TV, its programming and the people behind it, as well as a live- stream and programme preview — go to www.dw-world.de

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