5 English Service DEUTSCHE WELLE 2005 Programmes

English Service DEUTSCHE WELLE 2005
Grahame Lucas and his current affairs team (here Shaye Hoobanoff): top stories and a look behind the headlines

English Service DEUTSCHE WELLE 2005
In-depth analysis and background: World in Progress editor Anke Rasper — Money Talks host Thomas Kohlmann - Features Editor Irene Quaile with presenter Devora Rogers

English Service DEUTSCHE WELLE 2005
Insight editor John Hay, Inside Europe team Barbara Gruber, Lukas Alpert and Helen Seeney, news and current affairs presenter Meggin Leigh Doody

English Service DEUTSCHE WELLE 2005
Arts on the Air host Breandain O’Shea - Focus on Folk: Singer Florian Silbereisen - Inspired Minds: Conductor Kurt Masur

English Service DEUTSCHE WELLE 2005 Programmes
English Service DEUTSCHE WELLE 2005 Programmes
English Service DEUTSCHE WELLE 2005 Programmes
English Service DEUTSCHE WELLE 2005 Programmes

>> News and Current Affairs
News - 5’ on the hour, 24/7
World news including important regional developments and sound—bites from top newsmakers.
Newslink - 25’ on weekdays
Reliable and objective reporting on developments around the world as well as German and European standpoints. Regional editions of Newslink for Asia, Africa, Europe and North America, including a 55’ edition (Tuesday to Saturday) containing top news stories and colourful features.
Update Europe - 3 x 55’, every weekday
Information, service and a unique mix of music from Europe - everything you need to know between Moscow and Madrid, Berlin and Budapest, Prague and Paris

Inside Europe - 55’ weekly
A weekly news magazine that explores the topical issues shaping the continent. Includes a European newscast, interviews with newsmakers and background features from correspondents throughout the region.
Africa this Week - 30’ weekly
Top stories of the week in and concerning Africa, plus a look at how the media in Germany are reporting on Africa and Africa—related issues.
Asia this Week - 30’ weekly
Top stories of the week in and concerning Asia. Includes a review of German press coverage of developments in and relating to Asia.
Insight - 15’ weekly
In—depth information and analysis — your insight into an international political topic of the week. Includes flashbacks to important historical events, exploring their relevance to present—day politics and society.
Hard to Beat - 10’ weekly (2 editions)
The latest from the World of sport in Germany and around the world. Includes ‘Bundesliga’ results, trends and events and reports on Germany’s top sporting personalities.

>> Economy, Ecology, Technology
Money Talks - 30’ weekly
The business programme from the heart of Europe. In depth interviews, on-the—spot reports and colourful background to international financial stories.
Business German - 15’ weekly
A practical language course for the business—minded.
Living Planet - 30’ weekly
In—depth features and interviews from around the world on environmental concerns, from protecting endangered species to promoting ecologically viable technology. Includes a bulletin of “eco—news”.
Spectrum - 30’ weekly
Trends and innovations around the world, from advances that will change our lives to offbeat oddities - science and technology that’s fun to come to grips with.
World in Progress - 30’ weekly
Against the background of globalisation and conflicts around the world, a weekly look at development projects, problems, challenges and progress towards “One World”. Includes in-depth features, interviews with experts and committed individuals around the globe and international co—productions with radio stations in the developing world.

>> Lifestyle and Society
Living in Germany - 15’ weekly
Working, sleeping, shopping, playing, moving, voting, thinking, dressing — LIVING in the Germany of the 21st century .
COOL - 30’ Weekly
“The coolest programme on the airwaves” — music, background and “COOL” news — for the young — and the young at heart. International youth culture and the latest music trends, with band portraits, interviews and the weekly ‘Chart Chat’.
Religion and Society - 10’ weekly
A weekend look at religious, ethical and social issues around the world, with a special focus on intercultural dialogue.
German by Radio - 15’ weekly
Brush up your German with our easy—to—follow language course.

>> The Arts, Music and Entertainment
Arts on the Air - 30’ weekly
“For culture vultures everywhere” - a look across Europe’s vibrant cultural scene, from classical to contemporary. Interviews with top musicians and authors, reviews of the latest films and exhibitions, features on theatre, opera and music.
Inspired Minds — 15’ weekly
Close encounters with some of the World’s most talented thinkers and performers from Harry Potter—creator_J.K. Rowling to composer Karlheinz Stockhausen. www.inspiredminds.de

Focus on Folk - 30’ weekly
From sea—shanties to mountain melodies, listen to some real “Volksmusik” from the Germamspeaking world and find out about the places it comes from and the people who make it.
A World of Music - 30’ weekly
A selection of music from classical to contemporary, from Germany and around the World.
Hits in Germany - 30’ weekly
The most interesting new releases, from pop to crossover, with brief and upbeat commentaries on the stars and the most exciting new chart climbers.

Concert Hour - 55’ weekly
Classical concert music from Germany’s major music festivals in exclusive, live recordings, complemented by fascinating insights into the personalities and locales that make Germany a musical superpower.
Mailbag - 55’ weekly
Your show: listeners questions, comments and lots of your favourite music.


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