4 English Service DEUTSCHE WELLE 2005

English Service DEUTSCHE WELLE
Deutsche Welle Radio - From the Heart of Europe

Editor-in-Chief Uta Thofern: international news and background as seen from Europe (here: European Parliament)

English Service DEUTSCHE WELLE
Deutsche Welle’s English Service broadcasts international news and information “from the heart of Europe” to all corners of the world, 24 hours a day via satellite and the Internet, as well as on short-wave and fm-frequencies and through a network of partner stations.

Each hour starts with a bulletin of world news followed by an attractive mix of current affairs and background. Our weekday NEWSLINK programme provides coverage of events around the world in separate editions tailored to suit the particular target area: Africa, Asia, Europe, and a 55-minute extended version for North America. UPDATE EUROPE is an innovative mix of international news and Features interspersed with music from Europe, broadcast in three 55-minute segments, plus news on the hour, Monday to Friday. In—depth background on what’s happen ing on the European continent is provided in the weekly edition of INSIDE EUROPE, while other specialist weekly magazine programmes are devoted to the arts, business, sustainable development, the environment and science and technology. Listeners in Africa and Asia can enjoy their own regional half-hour magazines every Weekend.

Deutsche Welle’s programme selection is rounded offby a Wide spectrum of feature and music programmes from LIVING IN GERMANY to MUSIC OF THE WORLD, catering for listen ing tastes around the globe, including COOL — a magazine de
signed for younger listeners.

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