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English Service DEUTSCHE WELLE

Information, comment, analysis: DW broadcasts programmes all around the world in 30 languages

English Service DEUTSCHE WELLE
>> Core Target Group: Multipliers
Deutsche Welle is aimed at people with an interest in Germany and Europe — especially news multipliers and opinion leaders. DW is a venue for people wanting to learn German and equally valuable to Germans living abroad, whether long or short—term. Another important target group are people located in crisis and conflict regions, as well as people living in countries where there are restrictions on the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press.

A dense network of satellites ensures the reception of DW—TV and DW—RADIO around the world. In addition, DW-RADIO is available on short wave (including digital) and can also be heard on the AM and FM bands in some cities and regions. Several thousand partner broadcasters and many hotels around the world carry DW programmes. DW—TV and DW—RAl)IO are also available — live and on-demand — on the Internet.

Germany’s Deutsche Welle Law defines the core task of the country’s international broadcaster as to present its audience With a comprehensive picture 0fGermany’s political, cultural, economic and social landscape, including opinions, trends and developments. However, it is not limited to German views but should also present “other perspectives on key issues, both in Europe and on other continents.” DW should also “promote understanding and exchange between cultures and peoples.”

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