1 English Service DEUTSCHE WELLE 2005

English Service DEUTSCHE WELLE
English Service DEUTSCHE WELLE

English Service DEUTSCHE WELLE
Multimedia, Multilingual, from the Heart of Europe

Deutsche Welle broadcasting centres in Berlin (left) and Bonn

English Service DEUTSCHE WELLE
Deutsche Welle is Germany's international broadcasting service. Its mandate is defined by law, but it is editorially independent. DW produces radio, television and Internet services in German and numerous other languages for audiences abroad. DW-TV, DW-RADIO, DW-WORLD.DE, DW-AKADEMIE, and GERMAN TV ensure a media presence for Germany all over the world.

DW cultivates intercultural dialogue and Works to further international understanding and tolerance. Its programmes and services promote the values ofliberty and democracy and support human rights through independent, comprehensive, truthful and pluralistic reporting. For people in many countries and regions, Deutsche Welle is the medium of choice for unfiltered news and information, even about their own countries. DW also plays an important cultural role, presenting cultural life in Germany and Europe. Spreading and promoting the German language is an important part of this. With the DW-AKADEMIE and many other activities, Deutsche Welle passes on its expertise to partners worldwide, for instance by training broadcasting experts from developing countries.

In some regions of the World, DW has a unique standing, because - apart from on the Internet — there are no other German language media available. Other media in the target areas frequently have shortcomings When it comes to reporting on foreign affairs, particularly about Germany and Europe. Deutsche Welle thus plays a key role in representing Germany in the media abroad.





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