Radio Vaticana april-october 2009

Radio Vaticana april-october 2009
Radio Vaticana
april-october 2009

9 March 2009 : Benedict XVI with the Mayor of Rome, Gianni Alemanno, during the Pope's visit to the Campidoglio.

Radio Vaticana april-october 2009
The SeDoc: of Vatican Radio
by Georges Cheung SJ, in charge of SeDoc

SeDoc is a sort of Central Desk serving all the Language Sections of the Radio with news from the Holy See. The news items are made available through the Intranet and include the Holy Father's activities, information from the various Vatican Departments, the nomination of bishops, etc.
For a wider coverage in our broadcasts, the SeDoc has the task of gathering and selecting information on topics which are particularly relevant for our Programmes: Refugee problems, Ecology, Human Rights, Development, amongst others. More in-depth information on these topics is collected through interviews by Isabella Piro.
On the Monday weekly meeting, a summary of important forth-coming events is given. This summary is prepared by Marina Vitalini. The events include the Pope's activities and other information from the Church of Rome, as well as what is going on in the whole world, especially in areas which are usually "forgotten" by the secular media.
Another task of the SeDoc is to keep a record of the most important information and data from the Vatican. Part of this work is done by Elide Valeri, who is also in charge of keeping the Pontifical Directory up-to-date.
SeDoc publishes a daily bulletin called "News from the Church" which is coordinated by Antonio Mancini. This bulletin collects information from various religious news agencies giving an overview of the life of the Church in the world, under all its different aspects.
Booklets are an important output of the SeDoc, ad intro as well as ad extra. Although not strictly official, these are widely used by the iournalists of the Radio as well as by other institutions.
Ad Limina Apostolorum visits of bishops are an opportunity for giving more in-depth information on the local situation. On the occasion of each visit, the SeDoc publishes a booklet which includes an overview of the history and present situation of the local Churches and also an interview of a local bishop. This booklet, produced by Davide Dionisi and Lisa Zengarini, is widely used by the journalists of the Radio, press agencies and by the Departments of the Holy See.
Two other booklets are produced by the SeDoc for the papal voyages. The first one, similarly to the Ad Limina booklet, deals with the history of the concerned country, its links with the Holy See and other pertinent information. Luis Badilla is in charge of this booklet.
A second booklet for the papa! voyages is produced by Salim Ghostine, and deals with the more practical details of the voyages time-table, events, etc.
These two booklets are mainly intended for the iournalists of Vatican Radio, but they are also of help to Vatican Departments and to accredited iournalists to the Press Office of the Holy See.
A member of the SeDoc usually takes part in the papal voyages to coordinate the work of the reporters sent by the Radio to cover the event, but also working as a "special correspondent" for a specific Language Section .
To better deal with its daily duties SeDoc has a regional and linguistic organisation: for example, French speaking Africa is covered by Tiziana Campisi.

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