THE VOICE OF TURKEY 01.2009-07.2009

THE VOICE OF TURKEY 01.2009-07.2009


THE VOICE OF TURKEY 01.2009-07.2009
Turkey's voice all over the world, the Voice of Turkey will start its new broadcasting term on January 1st, 2009.
As we always point out, your requests, wishes and expectations provide guidance to what we have to do in the way of our broadcasts so that a more fulfilling voice may come out of our studious. Given the fact that our primary task is to get you closely acquainted with Turkey and its culture, we will be with you to introduce the sights and sounds of our country through some new programmes in 2009, a year which we hope is going to be fine despite unfavourable indications the world over. Here are some of the highlights of 2009:
This World is Ours:
One of the most important items on world agenda is global warming and this programme will delve into the global and environmental factors causing our old planet to suffer unfortunately even more in the coming decades.
The causes of what has caused this alarming situation both in Turkey and the world will be concentrated on and the possible remedies will be discussed.
From Fortress to Fortress:
The fortresses shedding light on the ancient civilizations which flourished in Anatolia, merged into one another and created new syntheses are what this programme tells about.
Turkish Pop Music from Past to Present:
Among the music programmes which we believe will most enrich our broadcasts will be this particular one. It will feature the chronological history of Turkish pop music as of the 60s, giving examples of the musical terms, jargon and singers of those years.
As always, our broadcasts will be punctuated with more feature programmes from culture to arts and history to international relations, all geared to fulfill your demands and wishes...
Hoping to be with you in 2009 on the Voice of

THE VOICE OF TURKEY 01.2009-07.2009
The Voice of Turkey is the external service of Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT). Its broadcasts are beamed to almost all parts of the world.
The Voice of Turkey celebrated its 70th anniversary in external broadcasting in 2007. It caters to listeners of all ages and groups with its colourful and interesting programs.
The Voice of Turkey conducts its broadcasts on shortwave via satellite and on the internet (trt.net.tr) and keeps abreast of all the latest technological developments.
Having renewed and updated its website with advanced technical infrastructure and rich content, TRT External Services has taken a new step forward providing a wealth of information in 30 different languages.
Visitors will have access to news in Turkish, German, Arabic, Albanian, Azeri Turkish, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Dari, Persian, French, Georgian, Croatian, English, Spanish, Italian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Hungarian, Macedonian, Uzbek, Pashto, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Tatar, Turkmen, Urdu, Uigur and Greek on trt.net.tr
Internet broadcasts in English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Albanian, French, Chinese, German and Greek are updated 24- hours a day, while the remaining languages are updated once a day.
The new website will be an impartial, reliable and instant source of information for the world. Visitors to the site can listen to all PODCAST versions of the Voice of Turkey programs and news bulletins.

Foreign Languages Internet Broadcasting Service

THE VOICE OF TURKEY 01.2009-07.2009
THE VOICE OF TURKEY 01.2009-07.2009
The website contains all the necessary information about TRT, including frequencies and band meters. The photo gallery includes countless snapshots of the winners of Voice of Turkey's Essay Writing Contest taken during their sojourns in Turkey.
Features and analyses, containing detailed information on particular topics, are available on the website, which also allows visitors to convey their opinions or criticisms regarding TRT broadcasts.

The essay writing contest of 2008 was the 20th by the Voice of Turkey. Many of our listeners from across the world took part in the contest and the jury, having had to make a selection out of a large number of entries, had a tough time naming the winners. The 8 listeners awarded with a 14-day Turkey visit were Vudimi Muhammed of Algeria, Majid Bayat of Iran, Professor Dr.Nicolas Cosio of Cuba, Gabriele Licitra of Italy, Fatmir Jelliqi of Kosova, Bernd Seiser of Germany, Moammed Imran Mehr of Pakistan and Hanain Osman Abdel Kader Mohran of Egypt.
We met the winners in Istanbul. Dolmabahçe Palace, Sultan Ahmet Mosque, Underground cistern, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Covered Bazaar and Egyptian Bazaar were the highlights of a sight-seeing tour squeezed into a short space of time. Once the Istanbul leg of the tour was completed, the group proceeded to İzmir, referred to as the pearl of the Aegean region. The visits to the antique site Ephesus and the House of the Virgin Mary were followed by a lunch at Şirince, a picturesque village on the coast with houses dating from the 19th century. Denizli-Pamukkale was another interesting stop-over on their way to Turkey's renowned holiday destination along the Mediterranean coast, Antalya. They bathed in the warm and turquoise waters of Antalya and relished the scenery along the coast, enjoying the visits to the antique amphi-theatre dating from the Roman period Aspendos, the Manavgat falls, the Yivli Minaret and the marina. The winners took part in the live broadcast at TRT's Lara Tourism Radio and were interviewed by our colleagues. The Mevlana museum in Konya and Cappadocia were the other important centres of the tour. Ankara was the final leg of the 14 day trip. Ataturk’s Mauseloum, the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, the interviews held with our listeners in the Voice of Turkey studious, live broadcasts on radio and television, not to mention the shopping sprees, were the main features of the Ankara sojourn.
It was a happy occasion for us to get to know our listeners in the short time space of 14 days, and it was really worth it. They also had the opportunity to get acquainted with the Turkish culture and people. We cannot know it they left for home geniunely happy and satisfied but we do know that being with them and experiencing the privilige of hosting them will be in our memories to be cherished tor a long time.

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