SLOVAK RADIO The Slovak Republic

SLOVAK RADIO The Slovak Republic

SLOVAK RADIO The Slovak Republic

As of the 4th of January 1993, the Slovak Radio International Service has been addressing you from a rather small country in the heart of Europe. This country emerged from the peaceful and civil split of the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic. Likewise, the split of the Czecho—Slovak Radio international service was peaceful and tactful. Presently, Slovak Radio is an independent quasi-public legal entity and this is the fact that determines the character of our broadcasts. We do our best to present maximally objective, unbiased, factually saturated and authentic information to our listeners. Radio Slovakia International has listeners in more than 50 countries of the world. A number of them are the so called “DX-listeners” or “radio-amateurs”, to whom we send QSL-cards.
Dear friends, welcome to the family of Slovak Radio listeners.


SLOVAK RADIO The Slovak Republic.

On March 29, 1993 Slovak Radio began its short wave external service in English called RADIO SLOVAKIA INTERNATIONAL. Each broadcast is a half hour in length.
North America, Great Britain and Australia are the main targets of the transmissions, however people from anywhere in the world can tune in and often do, for we've received letters from listeners in Japan, South America, India and the Philipines to name just a few. The broadcast team is made up of six exceptionally dedicated and hard working radio journalists,each of which brings his/her own personal style and charm to the broadcasts. The programs are produced at Slovak Radio’s Bratislava studios, however they are not limited to events in the capital city. Every corner of this little country in the heart of Europe is in some way represented in the broadcast, be it through tourist spots, news briefs or personal interviews with townspeople. The programs encompass a wide spectrum of topics including business, politics and culture. We even have Slovak language lessons and a show about traditional Slovak cooking called Slovak Kitchen, to name a few. Listeners write us that they find our broadcasts both very informative and entertaining, in fact many say that Radio Slovakia International is their only source of information about The Slovak Republic, all of which makes us here at RSI very proud.


Slovak Radio

SLOVAK RADIO The Slovak Republic


SLOVAK RADIO The Slovak Republic

SLOVAK RADIO The Slovak Republic
SLOVAK RADIO The Slovak Republic

with an area of 49 030 km2 and 5.312 million inhabitants is one of Europe’s smaller countries. Its location in the heart of Europe makes it an important West - East and North - South connecting route. Slovakia is neighbour to the Czech Republic in the west, the Ukraine in the east, Poland in the north, and Austria and Hungary in the south. As early as dozens of years before Christ, an important trade route, the so called “Amber Route”, crossed the Roman empire and ran along side the second longest European river - the Danube, in the southern territory of Slovakia. This has been proved by a number of historical findings in Gerulata, presently known as Rusovce.
Slovak tribes, the ancestors of present day Slovaks, settled there between the 5th and 6th century. Presently, the territory of Slovakia is inhabited by Slovaks (85.7%), Hungarians (10.8%), Romanies (1.4%), Czechs (1%), Ukrainians (0.3%), Ruthenians (0.3%), Germans, Poles, Croatians and Bulgarians (all together 0.5%). Owing to rich findings of gold, silver and semi-precious stones, medieval Slovakia was an important centre of various crafts and mining industries. The most famous mining centre was that of Kremnica. Slovakia's rich history gaverise to rare cultural and historical monuments, especially the Baroque and Renaissance ones, which can still be admired today. Slovakia's natural surroundings offers all kinds of touristic attractions, soaring mountains, lime-stone formations, thermal curative springs, and rare flora and fauna. Slovakia had been a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until 1918, and then the Czecho and Slovak Federal Republic. Since the 1st of January 1993 the Slovak Republic has been an independent and sovereign state.

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