2002年10月~2003年3月 Radio Sweden スケジュール表

2002年10月~2003年3月 Radio Sweden スケジュール表
2002年10月~2003年3月 Radio Sweden スケジュール表
Radio Sweden

27 oktober 2002 - 30 mars 2003
October 27 2002 - March 30 2003

Cityview of Vadstena - photo Lars Ekelund

2002年10月~2003年3月 Radio Sweden スケジュール表
Vadstena Monastery Museum — photo Mikael Söderkvist

Patron saint of Europe's
700th birthday

Who is Sweden's most famous woman? Greta Garbo? Ingrid Bergman? Agnetha or Frida from Abba?

For many, to get the answer to this question you
have to go back hundreds of years, to 1303 in fact
and the birth of Brigid Birgersson, later to be
better known as Saint Brigid.

After marrying judge Ulf Gudmarsson at the
young age of 13 and bearing 8 children, Brigid
soon became an important person in medieval
Sweden, and for a time was even an advisor to
Queen Blanka.

Together with her husband she went on a
pilgrimage to the cathedral city of Trondheim in
Norway in 1339. Two years later they travelled to
the grave of St James at Santiago de Compostela
in Spain. After her husband's death in 1344
Brigid received her first revelation, God wanted
her to found a monastery, for both monks and
On top of this her political activity continued.
She tried to broker peace between England and
France, and she demanded that the Pope return to
Rome from his refuge in Avignon, France. King
Magnus Eriksson and Queen Blanka decided to
give Brigid the royal estate in Vadstena, as long
as she built a monastery there.

In 1349 she travelled to Rome to get her order
approved by the Pope, but it was only 21 years
later, when the Pope paid a visit to the Holy City,
that he did so.

Brigid then went on a pilgrimage to the Holy
Land and died in her home in Rome at the age of
70. Her remains were returned to Vadstena a year
later, and the monastery in Vadstena was finally
inaugurated in 1384, with her daughter Catherine
as the first Abbess. Brigid was canonised in 1391,
and in 1999 named by the Pope as one of the
patron saints of Europe.
2003 is St Brigid’s 700th birthday. It is to be
celebrated in Sweden and the rest of Europe with
the central point of the celebrations being the
small town of Vadstena, with its new museum
about the monastery, in the idyllic little town on
the shores of Lake Vättern.

St Brigid's memory will also be celebrated in
Linköping and Stockholm. as well of course on
Radio Sweden, where we will be having reports
from all the main festivities.

Portrait from the house of Saint Brigid in Rome - photo Bo Gäfvert

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Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion; shout, O daughter of Jerusalem!
Behold, thy King cometh unto thee; He is the righteous Saviour, and He shall speak peace unto the heathen.