The Word The Cosmic Wave The radio programs of the Original Christians

The Word The Cosmic Wave The radio programs of the Original Christians

The Word
The Cosmic Wave
The radio programs of
the Original Christians

Frequencies and Schedule in English:

Program Schedule for Oct.-Dec. '98
Thanksgiving for Harvest
Teaching Contemplation 15
The Inner Path, Level of Order 16
The Inner Path. Level of Wisdom 2
Of Saint and Sinners
Meditation: Our True Being
The Inner Path, Level of Order 17
You are Loved 1
You are Loved 2
You are Loved 3
The Inner Path, Level of Order 18

We are grateful...
Daily, letters reach us from all over the world expressing
gratitude for the role our programs have come to play in the lives
of our listeners. We would like to pass this gratitudeon and include
our own to all our many friends and listeners who make the
production and broadcast of these programs possible through
their prayers and contributions. Thank-you!
The Word, the Cosmic Wave
PO Box 5 643
97006 Wuerzburg, Germany

Internet: http://www.universelles-leben. org

The Word The Cosmic Wave The radio programs of the Original Christians

The Word, The Cosmic Wave
Program Descriptions
Our programs are many and diverse, covering a wide range
of topics including such current issues like genetics, life
after death, health and illness and much more - all dealt with
from a deeper, spiritual point of view meant to stimulate
thoughtful reflection. Below is a brief description of a few
of our most popular roundtable discussions that are aired
all over the world in different languages. They reflect the
basic principles under which we live and work as a
community of free Christians: To practice in our daily life
the divine principles that are found in the Ten Commandments
and in the Sermon on the Mount.

The Sermon on the Mount (SM): A series that continuously
expands upon itself - we have reached the 38"‘ part to date
- the Sermon on the Mount is taken as the basis for a lively
discussion on what Jesus of Nazareth was really trying to
teach the people of that time - and still today. This series
helps us better understand how these divine laws can be
applied in our everyday life and if we take them to heart we
begin to understand ourselves and our neighbor much more
and do even better in our relationship with others.

The Primordial Light for all People. Develop the self-
healing forces. Heal yourself with the power of the Christ of
An aspect of practical instruction is given each time on
the application of the divine law which helps to awaken the
self-healing forces slurmbering in us. This leads to an wider-
standing of the principles of the healing mission of Jesus of
Nazareth two thousand years ago when he told those he
healed, ”Go forth and sin no more”. A healing meditation is
then given which leads us into a process of recognition and
purification, giving us the strength to fulfill the divine law
and receive soothing and healing as it is good for our soul..

The Inner Path, Level of Order: A step by step course
of instruction for all those who long for self-realization - of
the higher self. It is a course which bases itself fully on the
practical application in one's daily life of the principles of
the Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount.
Through this course, we get to know ourselves, our
positive characteristics as well as our human weaknesses,
and learn to emphasize the positive and overcome the
negative with Christ's help, thus growing into a life that is
at peace with ourselves and with our neighbor.

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Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion; shout, O daughter of Jerusalem!
Behold, thy King cometh unto thee; He is the righteous Saviour, and He shall speak peace unto the heathen.