High Adventure Ministries Global Broadcasting Network

High Adventure Ministries Global Broadcasting Network
High Adventure Ministries Global Broadcasting Network
High Adventure

GLOBAL Broadcasting Network

High Adventure Ministries Global Broadcasting Network
Our Ministry Mission:
Our ministry’s mission is to proclaim God’s Word to those who have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as well as provide spiritual growth to Christian listeners. High Adventure Ministries is dedicated to communicating hope, healing and restoration to all nations of the world utilizing a global broadcasting network. From powerful radio stations the ministry can reach countries that keep their door closed to the Word of God, as well as isolated villages where there are no churches or missionaries.

President's Message:
“...Things on earth will be shaken so that only eternal things will be left. ” Hebrews 12:27
It is apparent that God is shaking the nations in these last days and this “shaking“ has begun an exciting move in High Adventure Ministries. For the first time in history, God’s Word is being proclaimed from our studio in Jerusalem, which according to the prophet Micah is the centerpiece of the end times. The opening of this studio in Jerusalem signaled the beginning of a very significant time in our ministry. We are at the starting gate of a very important race and with the help of our faithful partners we are ready to assume our role in God's plan and purpose for His people.

High Adventure Ministries Global Broadcasting Network
Our History:
The Voice of Hope radio ministry was founded by George Otis in 1979 and began broadcasting in South Lebanon in an embattled area. What started as a small radio station evolved into a global broadcasting network with bases throughout the world. When George Otis retired in 1999, Jackie Mitchum Yockey was appointed as the executive in charge of taking the ministry into the new millennium.
After twenty years, the Voice of Hope was forced to evacuate from South Lebanon as the Israeli military withdrew its presence from that area. Amid the chaos, High Adventure was able to be broadcasting again within forty days. Because of God’s grace and timing, we are now, for the first time in history, sending the Gospel to the nations of the world live from Jerusalem.
In addition, over the past two decades, High Adventure built our Spanish language station, KVOH, in Los Angeles as well as constructed a station on the island of Palau in the South Pacific which provides broadcasting throughout Asia.

The Power of Radio:
Radio is one of the world’s greatest opportunities for ministry available to Christianity today. It is the most powerful and cost effective method available for the church of Jesus Christ to reach the masses with the eternal truths of the Gospel. Radio is sometimes the only means for the Gospel to be delivered into regions of the world where people are isolated by culture or society.

High Adventure Ministries Global Broadcasting Network
High Adventure Ministries Global Broadcasting Network
Our Stations :
We transmit via shortwave from three strategic points in the world.
• JERUSALEM, Israel covers Europe, Russia, India, parts of Africa and the Middle East.
• KVOH, just north of Los Angeles, covers Mexico and many areas in Latin America and the Caribbean.
• PALAU, a small island in the South Pacific covers China and all other countries on the Asian continent.
Our goals for the near future are to increase our coverage by integrating shortwave and AM/FM in Africa, AM/FM in the Middle East, satellite distributed signals to all of our transmitters and worldwide coverage on the Internet.

Prayers and Gifts:
High Adventure Ministries is a non—profit organization and the prayers and gifts of our faithful partners and broadcasters help the ministry to continue. Donations may be mailed to any of the addresses that appear on the other side of this brochure. We automatically add all donors to the ministry’s mailing list to receive our monthly newsletter and other correspondence.

"I believe in Jesus and I accepted Him to be my savior I was lost in darkness. He has chosen the Voice of Hope to be the lamp for me in the darkness to reach the light in Jesus Christ... "
-Nadel, Saudi Arabia

“We came to the Lord through your broadcast, At first there were only three of us listening to you, but the Lord began to add to our numbers. Now there are about five to six churches in our village with 200 in attendance. "
-Brother Lu, China

"My family was listening to your programs and found God! After that, my four sisters were baptized in the Holy Spirit because of High Adventure Ministries and their faithfulness to God. "
-Nicodemo, Mexico

"I have found Jesus Christ through your radio station. I am forty years of age and blind, sol cannot go to church. People like me who have physical problems are grateful to you. ”
—Viauslav, Russia

“I have listened to you for four years, but have written only once. Please forgive me. I cannot thank you enough. Your radio station has filled all the homes that it reaches with great joy. The people are close to God. The greatest blessing in life is to live praising the Lord Jesus and listening to your programs which comfort the soul. I thank God for giving me the Voice of Hope, which is everything in my life. I cannot wake up in the morning without hearing your voice in my ears and heart. "
—Zamir; Egypt

"I sent for prayers concerning my family situation. In response He has done great things for us. My husband, 82 years old, and myself have been restored into a vibrant, live fellowship and are experiencing great personal revival...as are many in the fellowship. Prophesies given are already being fulfilled. "
-Miriam, England

“High Adventure is very special to me, because through your broadcast I got to know our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. "
-Yoan, Cuba

High Adventure Ministries
Financial Accountability:
High Adventure is dependent upon the financial support of individuals and churches, An independently audited financial statement is completed every year and is available upon request. The ministry also complies with all federal, state, provincial and local tax requirements. High Adventure is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.

Dagoberto Lopez
is the generalmanager of our Los Angeles based station, KVOH, which is effectively spreading God's word throughout Latin America.

Contact Information:
P.O. Box 100 - Simi Valley, CA 93062 USA

P. O. Box 425 - Station E - Toronto, Ontario M6H 4E3

P.O. Box 109 - Hereford HR4 9XR — UK

PO Box 53379 — Limassol, CYPRUS

265B/C South Bridge Road - Eu Yan Sang Annexe - 058814

P.O. Box 545 - Balcatta, WA 6194

P.O. Box 66 — Koror, 96940 PALAU


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