2006年3月10日 ドイチェ・ヴェレ(ドイツ) 2006年3月26日からのスケジュール変更の告知 英語

2006年3月10日 ドイチェ・ヴェレ(ドイツ) 2006年3月26日からのスケジュール変更の告知 英語

2006年3月10日 ドイチェ・ヴェレ(ドイツ) 2006年3月26日からのスケジュール変更の告知 

Bonn, March 10th, 2006 sb

Dear friends of Deutschen Welle,

This year, the summer transmission period starts on March 26th and ends on October 28th As always, you will find enclosed herewith the entire transmission schedule as well as the list of times and frequencies for your specific target area.

A year ago, we told you about the "move" of our team from the technical department to the then newly founded Customer Service. The transition has been completed, the name "Technical Advisory Service" will not be in use any longer and you will find the general telephone and FAX numbers stated on all information as from now on.

Those of you who are in contact with us via E-Mail we would like to ask to please not use the addresses tb@ or info@ for your reports and letters, but rather the direct E-Mail address of your correspondent:

As always, we are asking you for your first observations as soon as possible after the start of the transmission period, so that we can have an overview of the performance the frequencies used are rendering.

Thank you very much for being such loyal monitors. With kindest regards from DW's headquarters in the former German capital Bonn,

Werner Neven
Customer Service

Deutsche Welle
Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 3
53113 Bonn