KBS WORLD Radio English Program Service April. 24, 2006

KBS WORLD Radio English Program Service April. 24, 2006
KBS WORLD Radio English Program Service April. 24, 2006
English Program Service

Effective : April. 24, 2006

KBS WORLD Radio English Program Service April. 24, 2006

Seoul Calling

This daily magazine show is brought to you Monday through Friday to keep you posted on what's going on in and around Seoul, Korea. The ever-popular 30-minute program brings you the most dynamic and vivid scenes from the nation as well as varied and vast information on trends and lifestyles in Korea. The latest pop. popular tunes from the past and time~honored traditional music are all played for your listening pleasure.
Scripts by Hong Seung-joo, Kim Yoon-jeong, Kim Ji-eun and Jeon Hye-jin
Hosted by Hong Seung-joo, Sarah Jun and Jeon Hye-jin

Shaping Korea
This weekly history show has emerged as one of the most popular shows on our station, illustrating to you many key moments in our 5000-year-long national history. From the origin of the Korean people to the foundation of a modern nation following the Korean War, this t5-minute-long Monday feature show satisfies your curiosities on how the nation has been shaped and why Koreans live the way they do.
Script and Narration by Kim So-yeon

Business Watch
This newly launched Tuesday business show deals with news on the Korean economy and reaches further to spotlight certain Korean brands and products. Korea has grown to be one of the world's leading producers of electronic goods. It also competes neck and neck with the world's major economic powers in many other areas of industry. This 15-minute-long feature program delivers to you scenes from the dynamic business world here. along with the best brands and products made in Korea.
Script and Narration by Yoon Hye-won

Culture on the Move
This program replaces KBS World Radios popular tour guide program. Cultural Promenade. which took you to various tourist destinations rich in Korean culture. Now we're shifting gears to take you to more of the displays of Korean culture in and around Seoul. highlighting various cultural events such as concerts, performances, exhibitions and others. It will focus on a variety of elements in Korean culture from the classical and high-end to the contemporary and popular.
Script and Narration by Jeon Hye-jin

Korea Today & Tomorrow
This Thursday feature show. another one of KBS World Radios most popular programs, is devoted to the issues between South and North Korea and efforts to achieve reconciliation in the face of adversity. In the show‘s first half called. Highlight of the Week, you learn about recent steps being taken by the government and/or non-governmental organizations in efforts to improve relations with the North. In part two, People Working for Reunification, the program focuses on a person or a group of people who are making notable achievements or progress in inter-Korean relations.
Script and Narration by Kim Yoon-jeong

KBS WORLD Radio English Program Service April. 24, 2006
Seoul Report
This weekly interview program focuses on international guests from around the globe who share with our listeners their comments and views on Korea and the Korean people. From teachers who have committed their entire careers to the education of Korean students to musical troupes temporarily visiting the nation, all the guests we chat with have varied yet insightful opinions about Korea and the Korean people. Every Friday on Seoul Report. learn about Korea through the eyes of foreigners experiencing it.
Produced and Hosted by Chae Hong-pyo

Worldwide Friendship
Letters and emails from KBS WORLD Radio's listeners around the globe are featured every Saturday on Worldwide Friendship. This 50-minute feedback show features listener comments from letters, emails, and message board postings. in addition, it addresses current hot topics in Korea. Two hosts, Kim So-yeon and Sean Heaney, welcome any comments from the listeners, whether complimentary or critical, and happily share them with a worldwide audience. Forward any feedback to So-yeon and Sean at english@kbs.co.kr .
Script by Kim So-yeon
Hosted by Sean Heaney and Kim So-yeon

Korean Pop Interactive

Learn all about Korean pop music here at Korean Pop interactive. This Sunday music show brings you the latest top ten hits, pop news, and movie soundtrack music. Enjoy Korean pop with DJ Sue Park every Sunday on KPI.
Script and narration by Sue Park

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KBS WORLD Radio English Program Service April. 24, 2006
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