DEUTSCHE WELLE Programmes and Reception Summer 2000 DW-tv 8,9,10

DEUTSCHE WELLE Programmes and Reception Summer 2000 DW-tv 8,9,10
DEUTSCHE WELLE Programmes and Reception Summer 2000 DW-tv
Modern design in DW-tv's studios:
JOURNAL presenters Melinda Crane-Engel and Don Jordan

Journal presents news and current affairs on the full hour — alternating hourly between German and English. Moreover there are two Spanish editions daily — in Europe and at prime time in North/South America. News as it breaks; fast, precise and comprehensive.Top Story: What's behind the headlines? Analysis and background with interviews. Business:The latest stock prices and market developments are the focus of attention Monday to Friday. Analysis of company reports, the latest news on promising ideas and innovations.
Sports:The latest sports highlights from around the world, with a special emphasis on German soccer. Portraits of top athletes; background and opinion. Saturdays and Sundays.Weather: Forecasts for Germany and Europe. Press Review: What top newspapers and magazines are reporting about major events in Germany and Europe. Monday to Saturday. Interview: Talking to the people who make the headlines. Sundays. The Week in review; Highlights from the world of politics, business, sports and culture.Sundays.

DEUTSCHE WELLE Programmes and Reception Summer 2000 DW-tv

The current affairs magazine focuses on the people and events shaping developments in Germany's 16 federal states and examining their impact on everyday life. Mondays to Saturdays.

The German way of life, from tradition to vision. A close-up of cities and regions with their rich variety. Discover how history and geography have influenced local culture.

Karin Helmstaedt

Investigative research, penetrating analysis, high production values. Documentaries: Portraits of news makers and ordinary people. Profiles of innovative institutions and companies. Fascinating and factual. From history, politics, business, science, sports and culture. ZDF Inside Report: Up-close and in-depth. Reports on German domestic and foreign policy, business, social affairs and environment, society and education. Treasures of the world: the world's most important cultural heritage sites — as designated by the UNESCO. Forward-looking urban planning with tradition in mind. Produced in co-operation with the German television channels ZDF and SWR.

DEUTSCHE WELLE Programmes and Reception Summer 2000 DW-tv


A daily magazine featuring compact reports from the world of politics, business, science, culture, sports, travel, European affairs and future developments.Topical and with background information.
People and Politics: German politics under the magnifying glass. Opinions and background reports on the government, the opposition and parliamentary developments.Also includes analysis of German domestic and foreign policy. auto motor und sport TV: Everything that fascinates the auto enthusiast - from vintage cars to the latest test-drives. Weekly in English.
European Journal: Direct from the DW-tv studio in Brussels. Focusing on politics and business in the EU and elsewhere in Europe. Special emphasis on European integration and Nato expansion. Portraits of and reports on the Europeans.
Destination Germany: Designed with the tourist in mind. A presentation of cities and regions of the Federal Republic, from the Baltic Sea to the Alps. Includes travel tips.
Made in Germany: A survey of German innovations and product developments as well as reports on German marketing strategies, trade and industry. Coverage of activities on the German and European financial markets.
Arts Unlimited: An eclectic look at the arts in Germany, covering the traditional to the avantgarde. From classical concerts and ancient drama to techno raves and performance art, a fresh look at Germany's evolving arts scene.
EXPO 2000: The weekly magazine from the EXPO 2000 site in Hanover.


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