DEUTSCHE WELLE Programmes and Reception Summer 2000 4,5,6,7

DEUTSCHE WELLE Programmes and Reception Summer 2000

DEUTSCHE WELLE Programmes and Reception Summer 2000
DEUTSCHE WELLE Programmes and Reception Summer 2000
DEUTSCHE WELLE Programmes and Reception Summer 2000


EXPO - Bach - Olympic Games

Summer 2000 in Germany

The first summer of the 21st century is set to be one to remember in Germany. From June 1st until October 31st, the country will host the first World Exhibition of the new millennium. More than 40 million visitors from all over the world are expected to come to see the EXPO 2000 in Hannover, the capital of the federal state of Lower Saxony_‘Humankind — Nature — Technology’ is the title of the exhibition, which has attracted almost 180 nations and organisations to Germany, to present their ideas on solving the pressing global problems of our time. EXPO chief Birgit Breuel says this exhibition will be different from its predecessors "Its aim is to show ways in which mankind can make use of technology to achieve a new balance with nature." One special feature of the EXPO 2000 is that projects have been initiatied all over the world to draw attention to typical problems, which have a major social, economic and cultural impact.
Deutsche Welle has steadily increased its coverage of the preparations for the EXPO 2000, as the big event draws nearer. DW-tv is expanding its EXPO programming, to provide 25 minutes of its special magazine every week from April 1st onwards. DW-radio and DW-online will also be providing regular up-to-date information and background on the millennium event. Listeners to the English Service can look forward in particular to special editions of our weekly magazines Marks and
Markets and Man and Environment throughout the Expo season.

Composer of the Year: Johann Sebastian Bach
The great German composer Johann Sebastian Bach died 250 years ago — reason enough to make 2000 the
"Bach Year" in Germany and around the world.
Tune in to DW-radio's magazine Arts on the Air for regular special features on the man who had such a lasting influence on classical music, and for interpretations, traditional and modern,of his works.
From September 23rd to October 16th, DW will be playing a major role in the “International Beethoven Festival", in Ludwig van Beethoven's home town, Bonn, and neighbouring towns. As one of the main sponsors and media partners, DW is supporting 52 concerts with some of the world's top orchestras and conductors including Kurt Masur, Nikolaus Harnoncourt and Giuseppe Sinopoli. DW-radio's English Service will be keeping you up-to-date on these cultural highlights in Arts on the Air and our special music programmes.

A Great Year for Sport
Football fans around the world - and especially in football-mad Germany — are eagerly awaiting the 10th of June.That is the date when the European soccer championship kicks off. This time, it is co-hosted by two European countries,the Netherlands and Belgium. Erich Ribbeck's German team have their sights firmly set on making the final on the 2nd of July and defending the title they won in 1996. However, after the trials and tribulations the team has faced since their World Cup failure in 1998, and the problems they had in qualifying for the European finals this time round, it is hard to be optimistic about their prospects. Follow the progress of the European teams in DW-radio's NewsLink, Spotlight on Sport and Sports Report.
In September, the eyes of the world will be on the Australian city of Sydney, where sportsmen and women from around the globe will be out to win ‘gold, silver and bronze’ at the Olympic Games.With a total ofgoo gold medals to be won,the German team will be hoping for a fair share of them. We’ll be keeping you up-to-date on their progress — and, of course, that of the other competitors — on Deutsche Welle's English Service.

DEUTSCHE WELLE Programmes and Reception Summer 2000

International Beethoven Festival
Media Partner


23 September - 16 October 2000


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