On Target Spring/Summer 2000 RNW 2

On Target Spring/Summer 2000 RNW 2
On Target Spring/Summer 2000 RNW 2

Fine Tuning Newsline For
International Current Affairs

Newsline is Radio Netherlands’ flagship international current affairs programme. With the help of our network of bureaux,
correspondents and partner stations, Newsline brings you from Monday to Friday a variety of international stories. We look at the background to key developments across the globe, and we also aim to cover events that you might otherwise not know about.
Newsline listeners constantly ask us to shed light on international news that rarely receives coverage from their own domestic broadcasters. If there's a coup in Ivory Coast, for example, you may hear the basic elements of the story, but Newsline's journalists consider it their task to find an
eyewitness account and background analysis.
As a European broadcaster, we also aim to give a European perspective. We have a bureau in Brussels — the hub of European politics - and a bureau in Budapest, a perfect vantage point to report on the next set of members to join the European Union.
And Newsline is changing. A longer programme will enable us to cover more international stories, and in greater depth. We are confident you will find the new Newsline informative and an important reason to tune into Radio Netherlands
Newsline is broadcast every hour, Monday to Friday

Jane Murphy (sitting in the studio) and Robert Chesal go "live"

Behind the Scenes
Handling your letters

Each year the English Language Service receives around 125,000 letters - and it's down to our secretarial staff to handle them all!
Answering letters is a far cry from Helma Brugma's first two jobs: one year on a horse and chicken farm in the English Midlands and three years working marionettes for a famous Dutch puppet theatre.
But now, after 28 years at Radio Netherlands,
Helma knows the station inside out. “I started in the English Department. It was really different. No computers. We did everything with old typewriters, pencils and notepads. We had six secretaries then!” She went on to work for the Dutch and the Indonesians, for the Documentation Department and for Building and Maintenance.
Since 1995, Helma's been the central point in our contact with listeners. She cheerfully starts her day at 08:30 by reading through the numerous e—mails sent to: letters@rnw.nl.
Then she opens the pile of listeners’ letters that have come through the post. She takes notes on requests, forwards responses or queries about particular programmes to the appropriate producers, makes sure Sincerely Your: gets copies and makes her own selection of letters for inclusion in Radio Netherlands’ monthly in-house publication, “Echoes”.
Helma also sends special information on request.
Media Network, for example, provides pamphlets on topics such as sun spots, writing reception reports and tips on buying receivers.
What does Helma think of all these letters?
“Some are very interesting. Some just want goodies, but We only send stickers. Sometimes We receive sad letters — no money, no parents, can We help? I feel sorry I have to write back that We're a radio station and can't offer money or clothes or anything.”
And then there are a million and one departmental “household chores”, work Helma shares with fellow secretary Joke Waterman. How is it to come hack to the English Language Service? “Fantastic! It's a very warm and friendly department. Everyone’s engaged with everyone else. I like that very much. I wouldn't want to work anywhere else!”

Just What Makes
The Dutch Tick?

So you think you know everything you need to know about the Netherlands? Or perhaps you think that’s not even necessary? Well, think again!
Dutch Horizon is a programme not to be missed, writes host Bertine Krol (pictured right). It covers such a wide variety of topics you’re bound to find something to your taste. In recent editions the programme has featured a master violin maker; a renowned wildlife film maker; an angry journalist on a crusade against the Dutch government; and a famous Dutch fashion designer.
Dutch Horizon has also taken a train trip with a passenger in a wheelchair to learn about the travel obstacles faced by the disabled in Holland; visited the renovated Anne Frank House; and gone on tour in Japan with two Dutch rock stars. Among the social issues we covered were life in a maximum security prison; the lack of spirited political debate in the Netherlands; and the state of marriage.
If this has Whetted you appetite, tune in and discover for yourself what makes the Dutch tick.
Dutch Horizon: is broadcast every Sunday with a second chance to catch it the following Wednesday
(see page sixfir exact broadcast times)


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