Radio Sweden March 26 2006 - October 29 2006 2006年夏季スケジュール表

Radio Sweden March 26 2006 - October 29 2006 2006年夏季スケジュール表
Radio Sweden March 26 2006 - October 29 2006 2006年夏季スケジュール表
Radio Sweden
26 mars 2006 - 29 oktober 2006
March 26 2006 - October 29 2006

The hearts of Stockholm. In the centre the Swedish Parliament and to the left the Royal castle.

Radio Sweden March 26 2006 - October 29 2006 2006年夏季スケジュール表

European Athletics Championships in Sweden. King Carl XVI Gustaf turns 60.
Swedes go to the polls on the 17th 0f September this year. Elections to national, county and local assemblies are held every four year and this year’s election looks set to be a cliff-hanger.

Will the current Social democratic party-led minority government, together with its parliamentary allies, the Greens and the Left party, hold onto the reigns of government once again or will the four party right-of-centre alliance put an end to 15 years of Social democratic led government? The right-of-centre parties have lead opinion polls for some time - but the gap between the political blocs has narrowed and pollsters say the electorate is more fickle than ever. Join Radio Sweden on the campaign trail with reports, analysis and special broadcasts as Sweden decides in 2006.
Royal watchers have something to look forward to on Radio Sweden this season as Sweden's Royal Family celebrates two major events this summer. His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf turns 60 on the 30th of April and in June, the King and Queen celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. Be there with Radio Sweden's exclusive Royal coverage.
All eyes are on Sweden in August this summer as some 1400 athletes from 49 countries gather in Gothenburg for the 19“ European Athletics Championships. Over 65 million people around the world are expected to tune into the event from the 6th to the 13th of August. Get a front row seat with Radio Sweden as we cover the biggest sporting event in Sweden since the IAAF World Championships in Athletics in 1995.

Photo: Dawid.
Design: H Nygren.
Engraving: L Sjööblom

The Swedish athlete
Carolina Klüft. Photo: Tommy H011, Göteborg & Co.

Railway in Sweden celebrates its 150 year anniversary this year. The inauguration of the jubilee takes place on the 5th of June.
Typography: O Baldursdottir and Engraving: M Mörck.


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