AWR CURRENT Volume XII Number 2 June 1995

AWR CURRENT Volume XII Number 2 June 1995
AWR CURRENT VolumeXII Number 2 June 1995

Volume XII
Issue Number 2
June 1995


AWR to Air Conference Programs from Utrecht

In late June this year a special international meeting will take place which AWR listeners will hear about on many broadcasts. It's the 56th General Conference Session of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, convening for ten days beginning June 29 in Utrecht, Holland.
Thousands of people from every corner of earth will converge at the Jaarbeurs Convention Center. Some have said it will be the largest convention ever held in Holland The 3,000 official delegates of the world church, gathering in Utrecht to care for church business, will be joined on weekends by up to 35,000 church members, mostly from Europe, to participate in this international event.
Every five years the church holds this conference to set policy and elect officials for the next five year term. This session will also be a media event in which over 100 broadcast personnel, in both radio and television, will be on hand to record each day’s activities for the world.
For the radio production, AWR will establish a large broadcast center. Its eight studios will be operating day and night to bring together the sounds and color of the convention. Two satellite trucks will be standing by to transmit the programs to AWR stations for broadcast to listeners.
It will be a special opportunity for listeners to learn more about the dynamics of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. And it will give you insights into why Adventists have established a health system around the world, a worldwide education system, one of the largest humanitarian aid programs, and an international religious broadcast organization.
Via radio, you will be introduced to the inner workings of a democratic structure that serves a world membership of eight million. You will feel the excitement of people who have traveled from towns, villages and countryside of every continent, from islands in every sea, to gather together for this event. You'll enjoy the music and culture of many lands.
Join AWR beginning June 50 and continuing for 10 days of very interesting programs. The special program schedule is enclosed with this issue of CURRENT. Take notes of what you hear and send us your report. We will send you a special QSL card to commemorate the event.
We hope you'll join us then.

Jaarbeurs Convention Centre, Utrecht, site of the 65th General Conference Session of Seventh-day Adventists, June 29 to July 8

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