1291-1991 Switzerland, Swiss Radio International 10 11

1291-1991 Switzerland, Swiss Radio International 10 11
1291-1991 Switzerland, Swiss Radio International 10 11
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1291-1991 Switzerland, Swiss Radio International 10 11
Regular programmes in English
News: 7 minutes of world and Swiss news at the top of each transmission, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Dateline: Monday to Saturday, reports, interviews, comment on current affairs in Switzerland and worldwide.
Swiss Shortwave Merry-Go-Round: SWLs' Saturday date with the two Bobs.
The Grapevine (1st & 3rd Sundays): Paul and Rob fulfil requests and answer your questions about Switzerland.
Sunday Supplement (2nd Sunday): In-depth treatment of topical subjects and events in Switzerland.
Roundabout Switzerland (4th Sunday): We focus our interest on a Swiss town,
city or region and the stories they have to tell.

From April to September, Supplement and Roundabout Switzerland will be devoted to topics connected with the country's 700th anniversary celebrations.

Special programme on the 700th Anniversary of Switzerland
Birthdays and anniversaries. . . an occasion for merry-making and festivities, but often also for doing a bit of soul-searching, for pausing to take stock. The pattern applies to individuals (". . . the Smiths are celebrating their golden wedding anniversary this year”) as well as to organisations, institutions and historic events. It also applies to nations.

The people of Switzerland will be celebrating the seven hundredth anniversary of the founding of their country in many different ways throughout 1991. There will be many official ceremonies, solemn speeches by political dignitaries, the occasional march-past by units of Switzerland's militia-type army with thousands or even tens of thousands of spectators looking on in awe. There will be festivals large and small, concerts, fireworks, open-air theatre, parades, dancing in the streets (and elsewhere): people from all walks of life celebrating Swiss togetherness in their own particular way. And there will be plenty of public soul-searching, of reflecting on the state of the nation, of asking and (hopefully) answering some fundamental questions about the seven hundred year-old entitiy known as Switzerland: have we learned the lessons of history — to imitate our ancestors in what they did well and not to repeat their mistakes? Are Switzerland's oft-cited humanitarian traditions still genuinely alive? How are we coping with the problems of the present? Why do many of the foreigners who live in Switzerland feel unhappy in our midst - despite the good salaries they earn? Will the Switzerland we leave to our children be a land of untillable soil, polluted air and barely drinkable water? Will our country, with its strong tradition of grass-roots democracy and far-reaching local autonomy, be left out in the cold — politically and economically! — as the rest of Europe takes a further bold step toward unification in 1992/93'? - These and similar questions will be analysed, dissected and debated in countless symposiums, round-table discussions, seminars and workshops.
In its current affairs programme “Dateline”, on the air six days a week (Monday to Saturday), Swiss Radio International will cover important and particularly interesting events connected with the 700th anniversary as they occur. From April to September the feature programmes “Sunday Supplement" and “Roundabout Switzerland" will focus on various aspects of being Swiss in the world of 1991 and on some of the major problems with which the Swiss are confronted. We shall give in-depth treatment to questions such as "What's it like to be a Swiss living abroad in this day and age?" Ur: “Can Switzerland's time-honoured political institutions — federalism, direct democracy, parliaments made up of part-time politicians - cope with the problems of the 1990s?"


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