1291-1991 Switzerland, Swiss Radio International 8 9

1291-1991 Switzerland, Swiss Radio International 8 9
1291-1991 Switzerland, Swiss Radio International 8 9
Musica Helvetica
For nearly a quarter of a century, our musical series “Musica Helvetica" has been the cornerstone of our transcription activities. The word “Switzerland” may not be immediately associated with music, composers or orchestras. But this country does have a rich and lively musical scene. Musica Helvetica depicts Switzerland's musical past and present, he it Classical, Folk, Jazz, or even Rock. In addition to established composers and artists, the series introduces new talent debuting at CIEM, the International Competition for Musical Performers held in Geneva. In this way, Switzerland's “International City" also provides a springboard for this country's cultural contact with the rest of the world.
The Musica Helvetica series consists of complete programs, or separate elements which can be used according to individual station needs. Distribution for use by broadcast or related organizations only is worldwide and almost exclusively on high-quality CDs.

The growing market for "Spoken World"
SRI's “Swiss Mix" is to the spoken word what Musica Helvetica is to music: a focus on Swiss life and major international events in this country, as depicted by experienced radio journalists who know how to present the sometimes lesser-known aspects of Switzerland's complex multi-cultural, multi-lingual society. Every month, selected items prepared by our English-language team are provided to interested stations for use in their own programming. The subiects are far-reaching and range in format from short interviews or produced items to complete documentaries. Swiss Mix is already being used successfully by stations around the world, including North America, Australia, Africa, and the Far East. Swiss Mix delivery is currently by high-quality cassette, and a constant effort is made to adapt to the changing needs of the market.
“Temas de Suiza” is a Spanish-language series being used by well over I00 stations in Latin America. In its broad scope, Temas de Suiza goes beyond purely Swiss events by focusing on developments that strengthen inter-Latin American understanding as well as ties between Latin America and Switzerland, be it an international soccer match, an orchestral tour, business meetings, or events at the UN's European headquarters in Geneva.
To satisfy French-language needs, Swiss Radio International offers “Azimuts”, a witty and entertaining, but equally informative magazine for broadcast by dozens of stations in the Francophone World, especially in neighbouring France - a reminder that Switzerland is a part of that linguistic and cultural sphere, and would like to be a part of European development.

1291-1991 Switzerland, Swiss Radio International 8 9
"Swiss Programmes" for Ethnic Stations
Swiss Radio International makes a special effort to serve the needs of the Swiss living abroad. In the classic countries of immigration, “ethnic” or “multicultural” stations cater to specific non-native audiences. In addition to its own productions, SRI supports these programming efforts by providing stations with material from the Swiss national networks. Pictured at left is Stephanie Zimmermann, the producer of transcription programmes in Swiss-German.

SRI via Cable ...
SRl caters to an international audience inside Switzerland via cable network: to the staff of diplomatic missions and international organisations, to foreign hotel guests — and to Swiss nationals who enjoy listening to programmes in the tongues of other lands. And in the United States, SRI programmes have been broadcast via a major private cable network for several years now.

...via "Cable News Network" (CNN)

SRI has supplied “World Report" of the US television network CNN with weekly reports on current affairs since 1987. These reports are prepared in collaboration with the three television studios of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SBC).

... via Teletext
The Swiss Teletext Company (of which the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation is also a shareholder) has for a number of years been broadcasting news headlines in English which are compiled by the SRI newsroom. This contribution by SRI to the “electronic newspaper" known as Teletext is greatly appreciated by foreign guests in Switzerland.

... on SWISSAIR Flights
SRI also caters to those who travel with the Swiss national airline SWISSAIR. Audio programmes put together by SRI tell passengers about noteworthy aspects of Swiss life and institutions - and for pure listening pleasure there's also plenty of Swiss music.
(Pictures by Hans Schlegel, Berne)