How to Write a Reception Report 受信報告書の書き方
How to Write a Reception Report

How to Write a Reception Report
Many people in the international radio world made their first contact with a radio station by writing a letter with comments on a program they heard. In response, sometimes as a pleasant surprise, the listener received a QSL letter or card from the station. In this way, and often unintentionally, some listeners have used an acceptable formula for a reception report .
How should a reception report be prepared? There are five basic elements in a reception report, if you desire to receive a verifying QSL card or letter in response. These five elements are:
1. Date you heard the program
2. Time: This should be expressed in International Radio Time, usually designated as UTC, from the French, meaning "Coordinated Universal Time? If you do not know the equivalent of UTC in your time zone, hsten to the time announcements from an international short-wave station.
3. Frequency: The international standard for expressing radio station channels is in kilohertz. Many radios today are equipped with a digital readout, which is usually very accurate. Or, you can listen to the station announcement on the hour, which normally gives frequencies of the transmitters in use.
4. Reception conditions: The station likes to know how well you received their signal. You can express this in your own words, or preferably, if you are familiar with it, in the international SINPO code. Be as accurate as you can in this matter, and do not increase the values thinking to obtain favor with the station.
5. Program Details: In order to show that you did hear the station, give some significant program details, such as format of the program, type of music, station announcements, commercials you heard, commentary information. This does not have to be word for word, just an outline, to indicate to the station that your reception report is genuine. Listen a minimum of 20 minutes, but more is useful. Why not add some comments too, about your response to the content of the programs?
You should also list the type of radio and antenna you use, and any personal information you think would be interesting. Make sure that your reception if report is neat and easy to read, as well as accurate. When you post your reception report, remember to include your return address. Return postage, such as International Reply Coupons, stamps or even currency notes are appreciated.
In due course, you will be rewarded with a QSL card or letter from the station you heard. Why not experiment on us here at AWR? Listen to an AWR station, and send us your reception report. And as your collection of verifications grows, you will be rewarded with some very important and valuable QSL cards from exotic stations in different parts of the world. I have a collection of 22,000 QSLs gathered over a period of 40 years. How many QSLs do you have?

Adrian Peterson, Coordinator International Relations, AWR

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