Special Contribution:
"Future of International Shortwave Broadcasting"

By Gunter Knabe, Head, Asian Service, Deutsche Welle

Rapid political changes as well as technological advances over the recent years have made this global village an even smaller one. Satellite TV is the very magic which makes it all possible. How will the conventional role of international shortwave radio be altered, and to where is it headed? This is a critically important question being asked of broadcasters as well as those who have to make political decisions or control budget matters at the stations.
Indeed, there is a growing voice which says "radio" in general and the SW international service , in particular, might soon face its end. In fact, it is true that in terms of the impact it gives to the audience, SW radio can hardly match MW or FM radios, not to mention TV. In Germany, people in both the external and internal broadcasting fields are busy expanding or newly launching satellite TV networks. As a result, in Asia alone, it is expected that in a few years, they can watch 200-300 TV programs via satellites. This might sound too premature and hasty to declare because there still are areas where its viewing is strictly banned or often is not possible at all, due to economical, technical and political reasons.
The growing trend of satellite TV dominance poses a serious issue for those presently working in radio. However, there’s no reason for us to become too pessimistic. Still, in many countries in Asia, Africa and elsewhere, SW radio is counted as an important medium even on the internal broadcasting scene. In Japan, for instance, Radio Tampa, a domestic radio company, airs via shortwave. In Indonesia, too, 25OKW power SW transmitters are being built continuously. Whats more meaningful is that over these years, the importance of SW radio has been successfully proven by the fact that it continues to serve its purpose even despite a deluge of satellite TV and American showbiz entertainment shows. However, unlike as in the past,,today, there can hardly be many who tune to SW radios for the purpose of only obtaining news. Let's suppose there's a German listener who wishes to learn more about Korea. He also wants to better enhance his ability in the Korean language. Then, what other station, besides RKI, can he tune to? It's the only and most ideal station he can resort to, l bet. Here we can safely draw a conclusion that the notion which says there’s no future for international SW radio broadcasting is not exactly correct. However, we, the producers, shouldn't just sit idle, but should try harder to better keep abreast of the changes of the times in technological and social environments and reflect them into our own programs, thereby positively meeting the challenges from the future! That must be the only way guaranteeing the future of our own domain in this ever-competitive world of international communications arena of today!!

English Service Staff Corner
Those of you who regularly tune in to us might readily recognize all the different voices of our production crew on the air, if not possibly can put the right names to the right faces! However, we are a small family in size, because more than half of the voices you hear are those of free-lancers. Anyway, we are happy to note that there always exists a warm sense of camaraderie among our staff which first includes lvvo female colleagues, Han Hee-Joo and Hong Seung-Joo. First joining the team back in 1974, Han catches up with everything that takes place at RKI, even with her eyes closed. Being the youngest among the crew, Hong is our endeared asset. Always aggressive enough to assume any hard job, she returns home in early December from Canada after three months of broadcast training at RCI in Montreal.
Meanwhile, we are also proud of the strong, competent teamwork by our three male colleagues, Kim Pyung-Ryul, Koog Soon-Yup and Kim Hyuk-Dong who prepare and deliver most of the daily newscasts, not to mention our weekly feature programs. Then, we have an American friend Robert Gutnikov who joined our team during the scorching hot summer last July. He edits all the program scripts, besides doing the news. Well... we are constantly aware that what counts most is good hearts to one another on the team, and thankful thoughts for those of you who are tuning in at the other end of the radio!

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