Journey to Hiroshima to Cover Asian Games
By Lee Sang-Mook, Japanese Service
In late August, I was given an assignment to cover preparatory works for the Hiroshima Asiad. Just three weeks were given to me for the preparation of my reportage tour to Japan. I had to complete all my work in such a short period of time. I could hardly feel relieved until the completion of my meticulous preparations, including interview appointments with some influential figures. After all, I came to leave Seoul for Narita Airport in Tokyo. Upon arrival at a hotel there, I started to double-check my itinerary and interview schedules. One day was sufficient to confirm what I had to do for two weeks. Strangely enough, I found myself no longer nervous. Instead, a sense of confidence and a can—do spirit came out of my heart.
My reportage tour was progressing in a smooth and pleasant way. I could easily meet with Japanese interviewees, including lawmakers and the mayor of Hiroshima. They showed me great hospitality when I introduced myself as a producer dispatched from RKI in Seoul. All of a sudden, I felt as if I was on the same level with those dignitaries. My frame of mind at this juncture could be compared to the state of clear weather.
Even after I returned home, however, plenty of work still had to be done. All my interview tapes had to be converted into reel tapes for editing. I had to transcribe all the interview contents into both Japanese and Korean for program production. I worked late at night to complete other requirements. Sometimes, I was tempted to throw everything away and take a long, long nap. But, I came to know that man matures further by overcoming hard and painful moments. In the long run, all my laborious work related to the Asiad coverage came to an end. After that, I soothed my hardened soul with a cup of Soju and I felt as if I was flying over the clear sky. This kind of mood is often called "self-complacency." Who knows, I might be recognized as a competent producer eligible for the unique potential to carry out an overseas reportage tour again?

Listeners' Feedback
Do you know what music is playing while I'm writing this letter? It's your traditional music, Pansori. This ismy first letter to your station. I like Radio Korea International(RKI), the new name of your station. It seems to me that RKI has further upgraded its status in the world's shortwave arena. In fact, RKI is a shortwave station attracting many people thanks to its sincere listener services.
Thank you for the inaugural issue of the RKI Newsletter. It sounds like a good idea! I'm looking forward to receiving your promotional literature which will be sent via the Korea National Tourism Corporation(KNTC). One of my expectations is that you‘ll someday organize a meeting for shortwave listeners worldwide in Seoul. Do you think my wish is too much? My sincere hope is the steady progress of your station befitting its image in the world. Let's keep in touch!
Wolf D. Bals from Bochum, Germany .

My name is Liu Shao-Jiang and I live in Henan Province, China. I am a sophomore at the Korean - language department of a foreign language college. That's why I eagerly listen to your station in order to get acquainted with Korean customs, culture, lifestyle and way of thinking.
I also listen to your Korean service, not to mention Chinese broadcasts. Through the comparison of the two broadcasts, I'm accumulating my knowledge about.Korea and its people. In particular, the Korean language lesson program is ideal for me to practice your language's pronunciation. You know, my pronunciation has remakably improved these days thanks to your informative broadcasts. Through this opportunity, I'd like to convey my sincere thanks to your staff. Please remember that RKI's steady efforts contribute to a better understanding of things Korean on the part of its listeners worldwide. Keep up the good work. I wish you great success!
Liu Shao—Jiang, Henan Province, China

Radio Korea International Newsletter 3


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