BRT BELGISCHE RADIO EN TELEVISIE Brussels Calling(ベルギー) 15.10.1991

BRT BELGISCHE RADIO EN TELEVISIE Brussels Calling(ベルギー) 15.10.1991
BRT BELGISCHE RADIO EN TELEVISIE Brussels Calling(ベルギー) 15.10.1991


* the voice of the Flemish community in Belgium
* la voix de la communauté flamande de Belgique
* die Stimme des flämischen Gemeinschalt Belgiens
* la voz de la communidad flamenca de Belgica

ask for an application form and send us two reception reports per month, giving details on one or more of our four foreign language programmes. You then receive a club membership card, our magazine Club Echo and our QSL cards.

BRT BELGISCHE RADIO EN TELEVISIE Brussels Calling(ベルギー) 15.10.1991
BRT BELGISCHE RADIO EN TELEVISIE Brussels Calling(ベルギー) 15.10.1991


Hello there and thank you once again for sending us all these letters. Our mailbag contains letters and reception reports from the four corners of the earth. In the Bulgarian capital Sofia Rumen Pankov tuned into us getting best reception on 21,810 kHz at 13 hrs UTC. From Sassafras in Victoria in Australia David Diamond filed a report showing fair results on 11,695 kHz at 7.30 UTC. If I'm not mistaken you're the very first shortwave listener to write into us from the Dandenong Ranges. We'll be sending you a QSL verification letter. Our QSL cards are reserved for the members of our International Listeners' Club. Members also enjoy several other benefits like regular issues of our club magazine and BRT report forms. Have you ever thought of joining ? Membership is free of charge. why not request your application form on your next report to the BRT.
One listener who has followed that very sound advice is Michael Freid in Cologne in Germany. Keep an eye on that letterbox of yours in the Antwerpnerstrasse, because we'll also be mailing you our new shedule.
It's always nice when we can say hello to a lady DXer. There don't seem to be awfully many of those about. _So, imagine my joy when I came across a letter from Val Smith in ****** V*ls — South Australia. We're bound to be hearing regularly from Val from now on as she writes she's just purchased a new, better receiver that is enabling her to tune into broadcasts she's never heard before. Val is also very complementary about our programme. She says it's excellent because it's so varied. Also she wishes they had Bus Days like ours in Australia. I know it is a great initiative to get people onto public transport, but personally I think it should be made a lot cheaper. Look at all the money the taxpayer spends on the construction and upkeep of roads, but there never seems to be any left for the railways and the like.
Over in Clearwater in Florida in the US Travis D. McLemore Jr has sent us two reports for September showing good reception on 13,710 kHz. I do hope you've noted this show now goes out at midnight thirty UTC ever since we went back to wintertime at the end of last month. By the way, mention of Clearwater reminds me of the good doctor, Dr John T Romeo, who used to liven up our days with his saucy postcards. we haven't heard from him in ages. I do hope you're still 0.K., doctor. Travis mentions our interval signal went 'wacko'. It's not a word I use, but I always feel that signal is enough to make anybody go 'wacko'. It's a Flemish traditional that is now only heard on shortwave.
Our mediumwavers get music and the signal is computer—guided. That's why some of you used to lose our programme if we went over time - something we never did of course. I suppose the signal just sent the computer 'wacko' too.
Andrew Jarret writing from Bolton in Lancashire in England tells us he'll be visiting Belgium at the end of October and he was wonderng whether he could drop in at us at the BRT. Of course you can. There's a standing invitation for all our listeners. You'll always find somebody in and who knows you may get the chance of meeting Stephen Windross, who is bound to want to interview you for this present feature - a question of letting our other listeners hear more about your radio listening habits. This is also a fate in store for Messers. Tariq Javed and Zia-ur—rehman Khan from Bahawalpur in Pakistan, who will be passing by soon. We're all looking forward to hearing more about your Ghazi World Listeners' Club. well, I'm afraid that‘s all we've time for today. If you have written off to us and you didn't get a mention, tune in again later in the week when Stephen windross will be sitting in the firing line. For the time being it's goodbye from me with a reminder of our address Brussels Calling, PO Box 26, 1000 Brusels in Belgium.

Colin Clapson.

***=unable to readout

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