1413H-1992 SAUDI ARABIA ヒジュラ暦1413年、グレゴリオ暦1992年 サウジアラビアの案内 10

1413H-1992 SAUDI ARABIA ヒジュラ暦1413年、グレゴリオ暦1992年 サウジアラビアの案内 10
Information and Communications
Telecommunication Service

1413H-1992 SAUDI ARABIA ヒジュラ暦1413年、グレゴリオ暦1992年 サウジアラビアの案内

Information and Communications
The Kingdom has six broadcasting services, two television channels and a news agency (S.P.A) Saudi Ministry of Information undertakes its functions in various fields in providing and transmitting informations and facts on the Kingdom policies and its leading Arab role and its prominent Islamic and international roles. Besides, it undertakes several various informative, cultural, educational and entertaining programs and news activities.
Among the Major Kingdom Newspapers are : Al Riyadh, Al Jazeera, Okaz, Al Yaum, Al Medina, Al Nadwa, Al Belad and Al Messa'iya in addition to a number of weekly magazines including : Al Yamama, Iqra'a, Al Sharq, and Al Da'awa. There are also newspapers published in English : Arab News, Saudi Gazette and Riyadh Daily.

Telecommunication Service
The Kingdom has achieved substantial development in the field of telecommunication programs in a record time with 1.5 million operating telephone lines, 15330 car telephones, 6680 coin telephones while telex lines has decreased to 11080 lines due to the transfer to facsimile service, in addition to 608 post office and 30 express mail centers, enabling the citizens and residents to be in contact with their relatives all over the Kingdom and abroad.


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