1413H-1992 SAUDI ARABIA ヒジュラ暦1413年、グレゴリオ暦1992年 サウジアラビアの案内 3

1413H-1992 SAUDI ARABIA ヒジュラ暦1413年、グレゴリオ暦1992年 サウジアラビアの案内 3
1413H-1992 SAUDI ARABIA ヒジュラ暦1413年、グレゴリオ暦1992年 サウジアラビアの案内 3

Kingdom Geography
A lowland plain along the Red Sea coast with a varying width from area to another, becoming narrower towards the north. Beyond this lowland is to the east towered a mountain range within which there are large valleys, notably Wadi Humd, Wadi Yanbu and Wadi Fatma. Such mountains rise up to 9000 ft. at the South (Assir) then they lower to 8000 ft. at the West of Mecca, then to 4000 ft. at west of Mahd El Dahab and continue lowering up to Medinah where they become 3000 ft. high, a height that continue almost unchanged up to the North. To the East of this mountain range, there are Nagd heights which ranged from 6000 to 4000, and then to 2000 ft. high until they end at Al Dahna'a and Al Saman towering the Arab Gulf. At the South, Nagd Height end at Zone within which situated Wadi El Dawaser along Al Rub'a El Khali desert. At the North Najd Plains extend for up to 900 miles into Hail until Iraq and Jordan border within such plains, there are many mountains heights, such as Al Ared, Al Ewaired, Agga, Salma and Tuwerk mountain chain.

Sub-tropical climate almost prevails the western coast of the Kingdom, characterized by warm summer with high humidity rate, and temperate winter with mild rains, particularly in November and February. Central Zone has dry and relatively hot summer, and cold and dry winter with some bitter waves due to Nagd heights. Eastern Zone is similar to the Central one in temperature but with high humidity rate, particularly in summer, due to its location near water sources and to sea.

14,016,000 person.

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