1991年5月 Kol Israel (イスラエル) 短波放送スケジュール表 より "This Report from our Military Correspondent ... "

1991年5月 Kol Israel (イスラエル) 短波放送スケジュール表 より
"This Report from our Military Correspondent ... "
"Desert Storm" provided a bizarre experience for Israeli military reporters.
Here we were, many of us veterans of earlier wars in the Middle East, hundreds of miles from the fighting forces - and yet at the same time, reporting from the front lines.
The era of the ballistic missile brought the war right to our front door.
It was a tense, terrifying and obscene experience. Forty—five years after the end of the 2nd World War, gas masks were once again in vogue — worn by soldiers and civilians, children and adults alike.
Along with atropine syringes, dusting powder. special protective 'tents' for babies and at least one room in each home sealed with masking tape around windows and nylon sheeting over the door, they were part of our defences against an erratic, inaccurate terror weapon called a Scud missile - which might, no-one knew for certain, drop a warhead illled with chemical horrors into our midst.
That additional uncertainty heightened the tension of waiting for each warhead to fall. It further increased our difficulties as reporters trying to cover the story, as we were forced by circumstances to remain indoors until civil defence specialists, suitably garbed, were able to determine that the latest Scud bore only "a conventional" warhead.
On at least two occasions, briefings given by senior IDF officers were interrupted by the chilling wall of an air-raid siren. We had to move into a protective room nearby, donning gas masks until the all-clear came and the briefing could be resumed, starting, of course, with an update on the latest attack.
On another occasion I was returning to the studios after recording an exclusive interview with Defence Minister Arens... when the slrens sounded. Forced to seek shelter in a nearby army office, I found myself in a sealed room which had only an internal phone-line available - and so was unable to communicate my'scoop' back to the newsroom until far too late!
Needless to say, our reports were subject to military censorship. Not as strict, perhaps, as that which reporters in the Gulf said they faced from American, British and other allied censors. On many occasions, though, we aH felt restricted. Whlle military briefings tended to be open and informed, we were inevitably frustrated in our efforts to get permission to join IDF and Civil Defence forces "on the job" as missiles fell.
But there was less difficulty in reaching and reporting from the site of a missile attack afterwards, where rescue teams searched the rubble for people trapped beneath, and bewildered civilians walked around in shock and disbelief.
The war was. indeed, just outside our front door. For the first and hopefully for the last time.
Alan Ben-Ami, Military Correspondent, English News


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